Young Professionals In Boulder Seek SEOs and SMMs for Personalized Branding

Linked-In, Social Media, SEO Helping Professionals Become Thought Leaders Within Their Fields

In today’s job market, personal branding is the new cover letter and resume for SEOs in Boulder, Colorado. Employers are increasingly turning to professional sites like LinkedIn for recruitment and scouting of new talent. Social media is essential for both company growth and personal visibility. Current employees are using personal branding to solidify their position within their workplace, expand their area of influence, and even create their own position or job title within their companies. In today’s market, everyone is an entrepreneur and thus everyone is a marketer. The reality is, the majority of people in the workforce are missing out on many opportunities and the ability for others to see their perceived value.

In many ways, no marketing is bad marketing. Fifty years ago we had a more vertical, hierarchical work environment, where consistent application of a specific skill set and company loyalty shown through timeliness and longevity lead to periodic promotions, more vacation time and a pension to take care of your needs after retirement. Today’s market and career advancement is horizontal, built on the landscape of a stable and expanding network of relationships formed over time based on the creation and exchange of value.


Build Your Personal Brand

Digital Marketing and Personal Branding Are Replacing the Resume

The purpose of personal branding and marketing is centered on crafting a message that encapsulates both your authentic identity and the specific skill-sets you use to create value in alignment to that identity. You then take this thoughtfully crafted message and through marketing venues, such as blogging and social media sites, begin conversations with others within your industry or those who share your values and/or interests.

That being said, this doesn’t mean you have to be on every type of social media platform that exists. Evaluate your personal needs as a brand and use the platforms most relevant to your entrepreneurial goals. Many resources exist to lead you on your journey to become an adept marketer, advocate, and thought leader within your niche. With a strong personal brand, you can have control of your career and create opportunities where none or very little exist.