Fortune 500 Companies Migrate To Office365

Running a business usually means that time and resources are limited; however there are tools that can be utilized to best free up time and get more done. In this case, to be able to get the best results with minimal effort and risk; the Office 365 Cloud Suite from Microsoft is the best option. This timely service comes about as Microsoft has over the years invested considerable effort in improving the customer experience; making it easier to set up accounts, and making daily work experiences easier; enabling one focus more on job at hand and less on the nuances of IT. How specifically does this count when starting a business?

Access all of your files from anywhere

Access to critical information and updates informs users or managers about how the business is progressing and is something that any business owner usually wants. The fact is, it’s impossible to actually be present on-site and on the business premises 24/7; access is granted easily over the cloud using an Microsoft Office 365 migration service. The only thing needed to do this is a connection to the internet from a laptop, phone, or even mobile device such as a tablet.

Fully Installed Office Applications

There are always those must have applications which everyone uses during every day business. In this case when a user goes and finds an Microsoft Office 365 migration service and transfers their data, they are given access to Microsoft word, Access, Excel, Publisher, Exchange, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote, to name a few. This is all synced between up to 5 devices, whether they be PC, MAC, Iphone, Android, etc. This makes working much easier; coworkers are able to collaborate, compare and share specific and timely information and can even make live graph projections using PowerPoint and others.


Accurate Up-to-Date Software and Data

Imagine never having to formally perform software updates and maintenance, computer by computer, cubicle by cubicle. This is no longer the case with the new version; users are no longer bound by conflicting file versions or software builds.

Security access

Security to secrets of a business tend to be as important as policies. In this regard; if one has a partner and needs information to be passed to juniors and not changed, they can easily limit access to edit to them too. This allows owners to enable protection of assets and vital information while keeping malicious employees at bay.

Grow your business and eliminate your IT department almost entirely. Make the switch and choose Office 365.