Microsoft Open Licensing Solutions Are Suitable for All Enterprises

Small Business Guide to Open Licenses

Are you getting an optimal return on investment from the software you purchase from Microsoft? You could find companies buying Microsoft product but they are not reaping the most from it because of licensing issues. As a business owner it is very critical to mind about the validity period of the programs you buy. It can happen that a company can purchase a product which has been licensed for a year but they only use it for a few months. This directly means that you will have paid more than you needed. It will be ideal for a business to seek the help of Microsoft Volume Licensing professionals who can offer a comprehensive guide.
open licensing consultant
For any Microsoft license, there are multiple choices and programs options. For example, Office 365 may be available in various packages with different feature levels. A smart business owner should choose a package that has programs suitable for daily business operation; so as to only get what is important and paying only for what the business ultimately needs. Wasteful spending ins the quickest way for a business to go belly up in today’s economy; don’t pay for an entire package and only end up using a few of the available programs.

Microsoft Audits Are Avoidable

Businesses are also advised to consult Microsoft Open Licensing experts to avoid legal actions in the event of non-compliance. This can happen when businesses use unlicensed, or expired programs; when the audit team strikes, many organizations will have to foot unexpected bills as a result of an Microsoft Audit. Find the open license level that is suitable for the needs of the organization. What is the ideal way of paying for the licenses? Does your business require software assurance options and scalability? There are aspects in operating a business IT infrastructure that must be handled professionally before being put to use.

By letting certified professionals handle your business needs, business owners will have peace of mind knowing that if and when a problem does occur, fear not, 24/7 support is only phone call away.