Office 365 Pricing Is Affordable With Open License

Open Licensing With Office 365 and SharePoint

Microsoft is introducing a whole new suite of cloud services designed to bring enterprise-grade tools to small and medium sized businesses looking to scale efficiently and affordably.  Organizations who are looking to collect and analyze key business data can take comfort in knowing all of their information is available on the cloud, in a standardized layout; providing an accurate view of operations and company performance as a whole.

MS Dynamics CRM or Dynamics ERP, as well as Microsoft Office are business management tools which can easily be combined with SharePoint to provide a holistic IT approach. Users from an organization are able to easily and quickly monitor and analyze critical business data, divulging important business intelligence events in real-time. These reports can be access via a range of devices such as PCs, Apple Computers, IPhones, Android, etc. Furthermore, there are a slew of options designed to provide flexibility for the business owner; online subscriptions, hybrid support, and local instances can be setup and combined with ease.

Setting up websites and sharing data among coworkers and groups is achieved easily and effectively with Open Licensing and the Enterprise Mobility Suite – including Microsoft SharePoint. Deployments can range from internal team instances, partial intranet/extranet and even a DMZ complete with customer portal. Manage documents and publish dynamic and collaborative reports with ease. If your company is seeking a business intelligence solution that increases collaboration then Microsoft SharePoint is what you are looking for.

Microsoft Open Licensing

Microsoft’s Open Licensing Program Saves

Just like with everything else, there are a few discrepancies to take into consideration before jumping head-first into a migration. With that said, Microsoft’s Open Licensing offering exceeds in many ways, the ability to have a full enterprise content management system. This makes it a great choice for any company looking to save overhead and buy in bulk. Not to mention, with basic portal features found in products such as Microsoft SharePoint Online, calendar, tasks, site templates, surveys, and groups are all available from up to five devices per user, and can be edited and shared in real-time. Office 365 Pricing can be found on Microsoft’s website; there are two plans, Office E3 Enterprise and Office365 for small business. The plans vary in price, and do require minimal upfront costs – they do, however, reduce on-site overhead and maintenance needed to support daily business operations.